Pine Tree Trail Riders (PTTR) is a DIRT BIKE club based in Auburn, Maine.

  • We ride trails everywhere in Maine, the adjoining states, and beyond.
  • We are the oldest ATV organization in Maine (since 1969).


Please note: In Maine, dirt bike motorcycles are legally ATV's. That means if you ride anywhere, except on the land you own, you must be registered with the State of Maine or the State you are a resident of.

2009 Officers

  • Trail riding or any other type of off road riding (ice racing, hare scrambles, etc) requires that you have current ATV State issued stickers on the front and rear of your dirt bike.
  • Street and trail riding requires you to have current rear mounted public road registration and insurance (a Maine white plate) or one current from another state. Remember if you are on a public road, you also need a valid drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement.


If you want to ride your dirt bike responsibly, we would love to have you join us.


Thank you
~ Pete Gagnon, President